AUGUST: Kelly Vetter

KellyVetterPortraitIn my work I have always been interested in re-appropriation, recycling and reinterpretation; the distortion of the known for the new and unknown. The approach could be described as a rebellion, a play on words, a tongue in cheek reflection. I have been working mostly in small scale illustrative paintings, drawings and mixed media assemblages, often employing cast off/ flea market ephemera. These include old photos, advertisements, beer coasters, or objects such as toys or modern material and pop culture infused items as the inspiration, or even the immediate direct surface.

The imagery in my work is the product of my love for storytelling, allegory, symbolism and objectification; the idea that a moment or object can act as a talisman and hold emotional powers and triggers for each of us. Iconography, ideas , and ideals are are explored in intimate, story book sized images that invite interpretation and intrigue.

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