TetersPhotoWhile I am passionate about art, I have always loved science. In my day job I work in medical imaging and nuclear medicine. The scientific illustrations in texts, theories and technology have always fascinated me factually and visually. Even if I don’t understand a particular piece of science, I might be drawn to the schematic, graphic or mathematical explanation. The attempt of science to explain everything with its hieroglyphic language is beautiful in its mystery and depth. Taken out of context, the imagery can seem cryptic and alien, like it is trying to tell us something important which is just beyond our understanding.

Our fascination with technology and its application in communication is of particular interest to me. On a daily basis, we in the industrialized world are exposed to mountains of visual, written and audible information. So much so, that we cannot possibly hope to process it all. So, then what does all this data amount to if our brains are unable to process it? For me it amounts to a useless pile of symbols, noise, and distraction. Jumbled symbols twisted in spirals, piled in pyramids, broadcast through the air, or in maddening codes is my attempt to depict this onslaught of information.

Encaustic, a mixture of bee’s wax, resin and pigment, has been my main medium for about 8 years now. I love this medium for it’s versatility, sculptural qualities, and translucent glow. The mystery of its process lends itself well to my work. Ironically, there is a theory that bees themselves are threatened by our communication technology. Radiofrequency radiation is a suspect in the phenomenon of bee colony collapse.

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