January: JANE DELL

Jane Dell at Alfa Arts Gallery, New Brunswick, NJMetaphorical Expressions

My series of mixed media on Mylar paintings explore the expressive and metaphorical potential of scale, the poetics of space and mental states. They represent a relative and curious universe, an arena that invites the discovery and unfolding of imaginative worlds. In these works, color, shape, and ironic surprises, set free from their mooring in representation, become vehicles for exploring spatial relationships while serving at the same time as metaphors for the personal, social and technological interactions of contemporary experience.

To create Mylar works I use watercolor inks, graphite and selected photo images from magazines, old books, and stock images from the Internet.


Click here to view Jane Dell’s current exhibit resume.

Click here to view Jane Dell’s CV/bio.

Visit the artist’s website: www.janedell.com
Contact the artist: janedell@comcast.net


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