June: Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern

lisaficarellihalpern_photoI am a painter with an extensive background in fashion design and textiles. My main medium is oil paint and I strive to keep the image looking ‘painted,’ to create a lush feeling through rendering the sparkling surfaces, saturated colors, and textures of our fashion and technology conscious culture. The painting is meant to delight the eyes of the viewer, and engage them in discovering smaller details of recognizable or familiar experiences and material.

I often use collections of objects to hint at my own past experiences, and to explore classical painting methods and technique, which assist in recalling an art-historical context.

Click here to view Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern’s current exhibit resume.

Click here to view Lisa Ficarelli-Halpern’s bio.

Visit the artist’s website: www.lisaficarelli-halpern.com

Contact the artist: lfhalpern@verizon.net

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