Hhetao (Becky) TangThis body of sculptural work is a series of abstract three–‐dimensional drawings, exploring the idea of finding. The conversation between my work and myself doesn’t need any language; the main source of inspiration for this body of work is a quest for the free–‐flowing state of my heart. With reeds and threads going through each other, beads coming in and out, lights casting colored shadows on each surface, the work captures my most sensitive moments, and consists of an accumulation of pictures of my life, thoughts and insights across time and space.

I intend to construct an environment that beckons its viewers to be attentive to what we are looking for, how we get lost, and what we find in life. I draw in the space using tenuous materials including reeds, threads, beads, paper, light filters, staples and hot glue. The freely composed dots, lines, shapes, colors and volumes are a poem–‐like record, reflecting the imagination on my own journey of finding.

In these works, I try to free pieces of my whims on finding into the space.Pollen finds bees; shore seeks boats; we all have always been looking for something. I hope that my work will take you on a unique voyage of finding for yourselves.

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