September: Allan Gorman

Allan GormanOil painter Allan Gorman welcomes the viewer into an unusual world of shapes and designs hidden within the confines of machines and man-made objects. His carefully painted compositions — that pay tribute to a background in graphic design and Gorman’s signature style — have been described as “a delightful dance of colorful shapes and forms that draw you in and don’t let you out.”

The artist purposefully seeks what often goes unnoticed by most, and then brings it to life in new ways – as can be witnessed in the vertical stripe patterns of “Red, White & Blue”, the jumble of gears and ribs patterns in “A Nice Day of a Ride”, or the glossy surfaces and classic curves of “Blue Buick”. There is no question that Gorman’s art is every bit about composition and mood as it is about renderings of objects. “I make an attempt to reveal and share the magic of random abstractions disguised in the genre of contemporary realism,” the artist says.

Allan Gorman is the recipient of a 2013 Painting Fellowship from The New Jerey State Council on the Arts, and his artwork has been featured in more than three dozen exhibits and major art fairs in the last few years, including: the 2012 Mid Atlantic Painting Exhibition at The Hoyt Center in Fredericksburg VA; on the luxury yacht Seafair at Art Greenwich in Spring and Fall of 2012; Art|Hamptons in Easthampton, NY; Art Palm Springs (California); and ArtExpo at Pier 92 in NYC in 2013.

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